Building the Cloud-Optimised Satellite Ecosystem with O3b mPOWER

Cloud Webinar

What it takes to deliver cloud applications anywhere

As cloud services become more critical, enterprises and government agencies are creating agile, scalable networks to enable the whole organisation to benefit from the cloud. Doing so, however, requires cloud-optimised network services deployed to every site, including to those in under-served and remote areas, where the current generation of satellite services falls short of delivering cloud-grade performance.

What, exactly, are those requirements? How does the space industry help bridge the gap and accelerate cloud adoption for the whole enterprise, or for the entire public sector operation?

Join our free webinar, as experts Stewart Sanders, EVP O3b mPOWER, and Ewald Schrap, Vice President of Cloud Segment Management, talk about how to build a satellite-enabled network ecosystem optimised for the cloud. We will discuss the main challenges faced by cloud service providers and telcos connecting end-users to the cloud, and outline the key innovations needed across spacecraft, ground systems, and intelligent software to overcome these challenges. 

During this presentation you will learn:
  • The technology and business challenges of connecting under-served markets to the cloud;
  • Insights into cloud-scale satellite network requirements for telcos, maritime, energy, and government customers;
  • Key innovations and performance requirements of cloud-scale satellite networks, and end-to-end managed services;
  • The role of O3b mPOWER in delivering cloud-optimised services anywhere;

The moderator is Jeffrey Hill, Chairman of Aerospace Events & Via Satellite Executive Editor, Access Intelligence. 

Our speakers:

Ewald Schrap

Ewald Schrap

VP, Cloud Segment Market Management
SES Networks

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