Africa Endeavor 2019

Category: Networks

Region: Africa

Africa Endeavor 2019

Africa Endeavor

Accra, Ghana

August 19 - 23

Africa Endeavor is an annual communication symposium for senior leaders design to encourage and bring inter-operability and advance national cyber security strategy across African nations.

Military and humanitarian efforts demand multi-faceted, robust connectivity solutions to ensure mission success. Powered by SES Networks’ fleet of Medium Earth Orbit and Geostationary satellites, our high-performance end-to-end networks are scalable and compatible with existing systems to support any government operation in Africa or other parts of the world.  Our Signature Government Solutions deliver global end-to-end managed connectivity, however remote, however hostile the location.

Join SES Networks experts on-site to discuss what our secure end-to-end managed solutions can deliver anywhere in the African continent. 

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