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Written on 08 Jan 2017

Connecting iconic tourist destinations

Bringing high speed connectivity to the remote location of the Galapagos Islands


Latin America

CNT is the leading telecommunications provider in Ecuador, offering both fixed and mobile telephony and Internet services, as well as pay TV.

Ecuadorian telecommunications company CNT is using a high throughput, low latency satellite network to offer broadband internet on the Galápagos archipelago.

The Galápagos are composed of 13 islands with a combined population of approximately 26,000 inhabitants. The islands are also home to a large scientific community, and more than 150,000 tourist a year—two groups that will immediately benefit from CNT’s improved service offerings.

César Regalado, President, CNT: “By nature of the remote location in the Pacific, the Galápagos needed a solution to provide optimal quality, performance and cost for internet and mobile connectivity.”

Written on 08 Jan 2017