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Transform the experience onboard your ships

In this connected world, consumers want to keep in touch with their family, friends and social networks – even while island hopping in the Caribbean. And having connectivity for crewmembers is fast becoming an essential hiring tool for cruise ships, superyachts, and commercial vessels. Our Maritime solution provides super-fast, always-on connectivity for streaming movies, live broadcast events, internet video and voice calling, and augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) experiences. With satellites in multiple orbits transmitting in multiple bands, our global data network and communications solutions for maritime provide broadband connectivity to vessels of every size in any body of water or port in the world.

Whether your vessel is exploring the Amazon, repositioning to the Mediterranean, or bringing goods across the Pacific, our satellites provide high-quality on-board experiences to increase guest satisfaction and daily revenue, improve operational efficiency, and improve crew welfare for better staff retention.

Connected at sea

Powered by the O3b fleet of MEO satellites, and complemented by our GEO and GEO HTS satellites, our tailored package of fully managed broadband connectivity and select entertainment and communication applications is available as a white label product for cruise operators. Operators can easily provision dedicated or shared low-latency bandwidth for one ship or across their fleet to maintain exceptional service levels as demand fluctuates.

Bandwidth is provided via single or zoned steerable tracking beams, dual tracking antennas, and redundant gateways. We guarantee broadband performance and service levels at up to 99.7% availability with seamless handovers in the event of blockages. Optional backup and failover capabilities provided by C-band GEO satellite connections ensure maximum uptime. There’s no need for traditional VSAT hardware, and our pay as you grow OPEX business model reduces the risk and upfront investment needed to transform your onboard ship experience for a better return on investment (ROI).

Cruise ship guests rank having broadband internet access onboard as a top five must-have vacation amenity. Our Maritime Solutions are revolutionizing the cruise ship experience with satellite broadband as fast as fibre, and hybrid GEO/MEO connectivity solutions that optimise passengers’ quality of experience. It provides new way to generate revenues and cut costs for ship owners and operators.

You will benefit from:

  • High-performance, always-on bandwidth with multiple service level options, including capacity that can deliver up to 1Gbps to a single ship
  • New revenue streams and revenue sharing plans for OTT mobile broadband internet and communication services (4G/LTE, VoLTE, ViLTE, VoIP, calling cards, etc.), high- and low-speed entertainment packages (SD, HD, 4K), and experiential digital applications (VR, AR)
  • A cost-efficient OPEX model with a predictable budget and reduced costs for fleet-wide network operations, maintenance, and energy
  • Unbeatable quality of experience for passengers and crew accessing branded entertainment and differentiated digital services
  • Unique applications available via a branded captive portal, mobile devices and ship kiosks
  • GEO/MEO connectivity options and beam combinations customised for specific types of users
  • Complete global coverage with 65 high-performance, GEO/MEO satellites covering 99% of the world – and more to come

Provide your passengers with hassle-free sea-going entertainment and digital experiences designed to drive add-on revenue and exceed their expectations. Talk to us today.

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