4k Ultra HD

SES’s 4K Ultra HD platform provides terrestrial-based video service providers in the Americas access to the world’s largest bouquet of linear 4K Ultra HD programming. Our cost-effective and bandwidth-efficient solution provides your viewers with the most life-like viewing experience available today. Join our free trial to preview the Ultra HD channels on our platform – including exclusive High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.

At SES, we are committed to driving the development of new video experiences. With more than 30 years’ experience in satellite broadcasting, we are the world’s leading video platform, fueling high-quality video experiences across the globe. Our fleet of over 50 satellites enables broadcasters to deliver over 7,500 TV channels to over 325 million TV homes. That’s nearly 1 billion people worldwide. We bring more video content to viewers than any other satellite provider – including 27% of the world’s HD channels delivered via satellite, and 40% of Ultra HD channels.


FOR DISTRIBUTORS - 4K Ultra HD provides more colours, more contrast, more resolution, and the most life-like TV action available today. Let your subscribers enjoy the latest content via our 4K Ultra HD platform services. We have created a turnkey solution that provides subscribers with access to the linear 4K Ultra HD channels on our platform, as well as special live events. Explore our platform and services further through the links provided.

FOR PROGRAMMERS - Millions of subscribers are waiting to watch your 4K Ultra HD video content. Partner with us to become among the first 4K Ultra HD linear programmers on our North American media platform. The platform provides quick and easy access to many of the top MVPDs and programming distributors in the US, and lets you showcase your 4K Ultra HD content to your viewers. Explore our current partners and services further through the links provided.

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