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Investor Presentations

SES hosts annual Investor Days to inform the stakeholders about the progress made in the past year, as well as showcasing what is planned for the coming year.

Previous years' presentations and webcasts can be found below.

SES Investor Presentation - May 2018


Investor Days

The SES Management Team hosted the 2017 Investor Day in London on Wednesday 28 June

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Investor Day 2017

Investor Day 2017 (Full Presentation)

White Paper - Maximising Growth and Returns

Delivering Sustained and Profitable Growth - Karim Michel Sabbagh, President and CEO

Bold Strategy Roadmap - Christophe De Hauwer, Chief Strategy and Development Officer

Shaping Future Video Experiences - Ferdinand Kayser, CEO of SES Video

Growth Through Enhanced Customer Experience - Steve Collar, CEO of SES Networks

Innovating SES's Technology Solutions - Martin Halliwell, Chief Technology Officer

Applying Financial Framework To Drive Profitable Growth - Padraig McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer

Investor Day 2016

Investor Days 2016 - beyond frontiers (full presentation)

Corporate perspective - Karim Michel Sabbagh, President and CEO

SES's growth markets: Video - Ferdinand Kayser, CCO

SES's growth markets: Enterprise - Aslan Tricha, SVP & MSC Leader for Enterprise

SES's growth markets: Mobility - Elias Zaccack, SVP & MSC Leader for Mobility

SES's growth markets: Global government - Nicole Robinson, VP & MSC Leader for Government

SES's growth markets: U.S. Government - Pete Hoene, CEO of SES Government Solutions

SES's growth accelerators: O3b Networks - Steve Collar, CEO of O3b Networks

SES's growth accelerators: HTS+ - Christophe de Hauwer, CDO

SES's growth accelerators: Media Solutions - Wilfried Urner, CEO of SES Platform Services & MSC Leader for Video

SES technology framework - Martin Halliwell, CTO

SES financial framework - Padraig McCarthy, CFO

Investor Day 2015

New Horizons - Karim Michel Sabbagh, President & CEO

Establishing the Next Generation of Video - Ferdinand Kayser, CCO

Delivering the Next Generation of Data - Christophe De Hauwer, CDO

Enabling Next Generation Data - Steve Collar, CEO, O3b

Shaping future U.S. Government business - Peter Hoene, President & CEO, SES Government Solutions

Building the Next Generation Satellite Fleet - Martin Halliwell, CTO

Optimising SES’s Financial Capabilities - Padraig McCarthy, CFO