Networks in North America

Demand for always-on connectivity is skyrocketing in the Americas. People expect to have ubiquitous and uninterrupted connectivity wherever they go. Whether it’s watching a movie on their commute, or catching up on their social media feeds from aboard an airplane, today’s consumers blend the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

We are the only satellite operator in the world to offer a unique combination of GEO coverage and low-latency MEO connectivity through our ownership of O3b. We continue to develop differentiated capabilities, such as our future High Throughput Satellite (HTS) capacity, to serve evolving market requirements.

Our 21 satellites in the Americas are positioned at prime orbital positions to offer comprehensive coverage and unparalleled reliability. From high-speed broadband access to mobile backhaul services in remote locations, we provide enterprise customers with unrivaled connectivity to deliver data, aeronautical and maritime services. Our fleet, combined with our partner teleports around the globe, ensures that our customers enjoy differentiated coverage and reliable connectivity.

We’re launching three new satellites to bring additional capacity to serve businesses and communities across the Americas: SES-10, SES-14, and SES-15.

HTS Data Connectivity

The upcoming launch of SES-12 in 2017 marks a major milestone for our presence in Asia. The hybrid satellite will have both traditional wide-beam capacity and spot-beam technology, providing higher throughput for bandwidth-heavy data applications. SES-12 will be joined by SES-14 and SES-15 in 2017, our first HTS deployment in the Americas.

Reliable In-Flight Connectivity

The drive for connectivity isn’t just about delivering internet access and in-flight entertainment to improve passenger satisfaction. Besides satisfying the communications needs of passengers, connectivity solutions can be extended to collect critical data about fuel consumption and engine health. A nose-to-tail connectivity approach is critical for airlines to generate more revenue while reducing operating costs. Airlines and aeronautical companies differentiate themselves by working with integrators of aeronautical mobility services such as Global Eagle Entertainment, Gogo and Panasonic to deliver IFEC , adapt their service offerings and increase customer loyalty.  

Riding the Wave of Maritime Connectivity

As of 2014, there were a total of 349,540 seafaring vessels operating across the globe, and that number is projected to exceed 440,000 by 2024. There is a growing need for improved coverage and seamless connectivity for ships and yachts traversing the world's busiest maritime routes.

Imagine a scenario where maritime passengers and crew members are no longer disconnected for long periods of time but now can easily stream online content using their personal devices, and enjoy the same level of digital experience as they navigate from one ocean area to the next. These new possibilities for seamless maritime connectivity and high-bandwidth applications at sea can only be fulfilled with satellite.  

Today’s modern, high-capacity satellite systems are the only viable answer to meeting the insatiable digital demand in the sky and at sea. When it’s time for the connected generation to fly or sail the world, their desires to live in both the digital and physical worlds simultaneously are satisfied solely because of the presence of satellites.

At SES, we aim to enable bandwidth-intensive applications to be delivered anywhere, anytime as a basic necessity of life —whether a person is sitting in the office, in a business jet 35,000 feet in the air, or on a cruise ship across the Caribbean.

When you work with us, you will benefit from:

  • Reliable, high-powered capacity to deliver connectivity services to enterprises and homes
  • Extensive coverage over the Americas
  • Ambitious fleet expansion plans, including HTS capacity, to meet emerging bandwidth demands
  • Access to O3b’s high-throughput and low-latency connectivity solution
  • Proven expertise delivering enterprise data, mobility and government services