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Written on 15 May 2014


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Tbilisi, Georgia


MagtiCom is the biggest telecommunications company in the Eastern European country of Georgia, providing fixed and mobile phone services. In 2012, MagtiCom launched the countries first satellite pay-TV service, MagtiSat, with over one hundred thousand customers by 2014.


MagtiCom wanted to launch the countries first digital TV service to be available to all 1.2 million homes across the country in every town and village. Although people were familiar with analogue TV, they knew little about the benefits of digital satellite TV and even less about HD.


The MagtiSat service covers all of Georgia's 1.2 million households, which are often located in mountainous, remote and difficult, hard-to-reach locations.


SES provided a wide range of services to MagtiCom, from uplinks to retail support, for the launch of the digital direct-to-home television service. The four transponders on the ASTRA 4B satellite included protected, redundant feed so that the service of up to 112 channels, including six in HD, could be guaranteed. Using satellite DTH allowed every household in Georgia, even those in the most mountainous and inaccessible villages, to receive the latest digital content. This includes four channels of MagtiCom's own content as well as channels from other local content providers that are distributed via MagtiCom's own uplink centre.


David Lee, the President of MagtiCom said, "Moving into TV was a huge step for us because we knew nothing about DTH television, but we chose a very reliable and knoledgeable partner in SES whose satellite fleet provided the best footprint for Georgia. MagtiSat is the first DTH operator in Georgia and we don't just target cities, we target every Georgian everywhere. SES gives us the satellite technology and support that enables us to have a footprint that covers every single inch of the entire territory with both local and international content".

Written on 15 May 2014