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Delivering Over-the-top content to everyone through satellite

Delivering Over-the-top content to everyone through satellite

SES reaches 355 million people worldwide, 167 million of these live in Europe. In Europe, 39% of the people watch TV through satellite and we cater to 65% out of these homes making a total of over 55 million people. SES reaches millions of homes and broadcasters depend on us to provide their customers with top quality TV whether it is SD, HD or Ultra HD. But people don't only watch linear content anymore and the need for on-demand content is growing stronger. Our recent Satellite Monitor study showed that 84% of TV homes that use linear TV and OTT see them as complementary. The OTT growth forecast, provided by Digital TV Research, shows that the revenue in Europe will be 3,586 million dollars by 2021. That's a 125% increase from 2016. Traditional OTT content is dependent on a stable and high-speed internet. With our service VoD Everywhere, we overcome this need through our DTH capabilities. 

Direct-to-Home (DTH) allows the people at home to watch their preferred linear content via satellite through a satellite dish and a set-top box (STB). The satellites allow a single signal, channel or show to reach millions of homes at once and there are several benefits to this. The content is digital so the video and audio quality is perfect. The content is available immediately, even in hard to reach places where other services like cable don’t reach and it’s the most cost-efficient solution for delivering linear TV channels to millions of people at the same time.

Through our DTH reach, we are able to provide on-demand content to all connected homes via their existing, DTH-ready, set-top box. Making the need for high-speed internet obsolete and giving customers more use of the equipment they already have at home to watch linear content. Our VoD Everywhere solution delivers content to an ever-increasing number of users without incremental distribution cost.

Our VoD Everywhere solution is designed with fast and frequent updates in mind. Your programmable service pushes a relevant line-up to the customer’s set-top box, targeted to different user profiles, and with frequent updates to ensure your viewers can always find content that they like. Vod Everywhere contains all state-of-the-art features, such as broadcast catch-up and it goes beyond other solutions with the addition of live event broadcasting with start-over functionality.

If you want to learn more about Direct-to-Home or VoD Everywhere download our eBooks by following the links on the top of the page!