Defending Against Cyber Threats

Protecting our customers’ data and our services from cyber threats is key

SES Networks

A well-designed and robust Information Security Management Framework is the key to protecting our customer’s valuable information assets and mitigating the threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data.

Why work with SES?

  • We address cybersecurity as a priority across key areas of our business
  • We support compliance with the latest government and industry standards while meeting customer objectives
  • We supervise our operational systems, combining experienced staff and technical monitoring solutions

Our framework addresses the following areas:


Network Security

Segregated security zones and effective combination of complementary security controls to protect information transfer and services from unauthorised access and interruption.

System Security

System Security

Role-based access control and centrally managed anti-malware and intrusion detection/prevention solutions.

Network Monitoring

Vulnerability Management and Security Monitoring

Security orchestration and automation (SOAR), extensive security monitoring, and the operation of a centralised, state-of-the-art Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform.

Awareness and Education

Awareness and Education

Security Awareness and Training programme providing the education needed to continuously improve our information security culture.

Physical Security

Physical Security

Comprehensive global physical security policy and standards protecting our sites and buildings.

Control review

Controls Review and Management Ownership

Information security management function overseeing relevant aspects of security governance.


Data Management

Risk-based control framework to assess security requirements and manage controls for critical data assets.