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Transforming power grids & utilities

Power and utility infrastructures worldwide are being digitally transformed from end-to-end as we move from using fossil fuels to more efficient, intelligent electrification systems and networks. Electricity flows generated by power plants and distributed to homes and from homes back to the power grid, require secure highly distributed networks capable of scaling up or down in real-time to meet constantly changing power demands.

SES Networks intelligent multi-orbit satellite network system delivers the smart, scalable managed connectivity solutions to securely move the real-time, bi-directional digital twin, SCADA and IoT data, and communication services utility companies need to proactively manage the health of energy grids, power plants, transmission lines and substations in real-time no matter where they are located.

With Energy Solutions, you will benefit from:

  • Resilient IP Transit and Ethernet connectivity solutions that enable land or sea-based conventional and alternative distributed power grids and parks;
  • Secure, real-time delivery of plant, substation, meter, and sensor data to and from assets, locations, cloud and edge analytics platforms, and remotely located decision-makers;
  • Multiple classes of services (CoS) provide application aware quality of experience (QoE) geared to each user; and
  • The ability to remotely monitor, manage and proactively maintain connected plant and remote field assets.

When combined with smart metering devices and software-defined networks, power and utility operators and consumers can electrify the customer experience, efficiently optimize distributed power grid availability and performance, and stabilize the energy ecosystem from production through consumption.

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