Medium Earth Orbit

O3b's mission

Located 8,000 km away from the Earth's surface, the O3b medium earth orbit (MEO) satellites deliver low latency fibre-like connectivity to any area approximately 45 degrees north and south of the equator. The constellation delivers carrier-grade services, including MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified services, to telcos, mobile network operators (MNOs), enterprises and internet service providers (ISPs). The high throughput MEO constellation is also capable of supporting the exponential demand for connectivity in the mobility market segments and across governments. *The current constellation of 12 satellites started with the launch of four satellites in 2013, followed by two other launches in July and December 2014. SES is expanding the O3b fleet with two more launches: four satellites in Q1 2018, and another four satellites in H1 2019

Launch date:

25 June 2013*

Launch vehicle:


Satellite manufacturer:

Thales Alenia Space

Designed lifetime:

10 years

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