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Countering the expanding military SATCOM threat array

Written by Glen Tindall on 17 Oct 2019

From direct ascent anti-satellite (ASAT) technology to jamming and co-orbital threats, the space domain is no longer a benign environment. At a time when secure and resilient SATCOM is becoming increasingly vital for mission success, the array of threats to conventional satellite communications systems is increasing as never before.

Our market-leading O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellation – the only proven NGSO (non-GEO SATCOM) system in the industry – has not only pioneered a new dimension in connectivity but has also delivered exceptional performance and serving governmental needs since its launch in 2013. Now, with its second-generation system, ‘O3b mPOWER’, in the factory, the warfighter can enjoy high-speed, resilient connectivity in any environment, LAND, SEA or AIR, facilitating the deployment of critical communications applications not been permitted to operate over commercial satellite networks to date.

By employing resilience concepts such as diversification, proliferation and deception, MEO SATCOM offers a valuable alternative to current GEO SATCOM. In addition, the requirement for ground station antennas to track MEO satellites, combined with the ability of O3b mPOWER to deliver tight beams (beyond two degrees off beam centre, corresponding to a ground diameter of only 280 kilometres, isolation will exceed 20dBc on both transmit and receive paths), makes both jamming and interception much more difficult for even the most determined adversary.

We will be exhibiting at MilCIS in Canberra (12 – 14 November) and, at 12:00 AEDT on 14 November, Glen Tindall, our Head of Government Sales, Asia Pacific, will be giving a presentation entitled ‘Space Domain Mission Assurance for Military SATCOM’. Glen will be discussing how the SES MEO systems can address the challenges faced by warfighters in this new era.

Our APAC team is looking forward to welcoming you at MiLCIS. We will be at Booth F30, in the Foyer Area of the National Convention Centre; Glen’s presentation will be part of the Thursday morning Expo Session.

Click here for more information about our participation at this year's  MiLCIS or schedule a meeting with the SES team. 

Written by Glen Tindall on 17 Oct 2019