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Brommeland Elektronikk

Written on 29 May 2017

Beyond Essential

Together with Brommeland Elektronikk, we provide consistent and reliable broadband connectivity previously unavailable to smaller cargo and fishing vessels at sea.

Maritime & Shipping

Norway, Europe

Strict Norwegian regulations demand that commercial fishing vessels are always able to reach and be reached by the government, making reliable broadband connectivity essential. In addition, ships without internet connectivity often encounter difficulties retaining crew, who rely on the internet to keep them in touch with their friends and family during long periods at sea. Yet installing a conventional maritime VSAT solution on fishing and cargo vessels below 5,000 gross tonnage (GT) is generally too complex and costly for small vessel owners, due to the expense of VSAT antennas.

Brommeland Elektronikk's 80-year history positions the company as one of the most respected maritime electronics companies operating across Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Our partnership has enabled the delivery of consistent and reliable satellite broadband connections for internet access and ship-to-shore calls, all at an affordable price. This connectivity has made daily operations aboard the ship more efficient, while improving crew morale and retention.

Written on 29 May 2017


SES and Brommeland Elektronikk