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Case: AFP

Written on 08 Jul 2019

Agence France-Presse (AFP) is a leading global news agency. With 201 bureaus spread across 151 countries and 80 nationalities represented among its collaborators. The presence is also strong here in Europe with 30 local offices and representation in countries like Germany, Russia, Turkey, England and of course France where the organization originated. AFP produces 5.000 stories, 3.000 photos and 250 videos per day so the need for smart, fast, reliable and global communication technology is crucial. 

From Pigeons to satellite to IP distribution

AFP started in 1835 and by 1840 carrier pigeons were used to deliver the news. In 1845 the pigeons were substituted for the telegraph. By 1971 they first used satellites to transmit their news. In 1988 they started using satellites for transmission from the field and in 1992 photos started being delivered by satellite. Now the work with a satellite powered solution continues. 

SES and our service company MX1 has helped Agence France-Presse (AFP) to launch AFPTV Live platform. A platform from which AFP’s customers can choose from multiple live news feeds simultaneously for access to instant live news content. In an easy way. The platform needed to be a flexible and reliable multi-feed solution that allowed working in real time. In this business breaking news can occur anytime, anywhere, and there is a constant need of being able to share live content instantly. 

AFPs editors need to access to live news video in real time, so they can deliver crucial news sequences to their audience anywhere in the world and on any device. Thanks to MX1 360 and MX1's unified media platform, this is done through live IP delivery.

Delivering live content everywhere

The AFPTV Live platform was developed together with our customer and is based on MX1 360. MX1 360 is a unified media platform, making it easier for users to manage, prepare, aggregate, playout and distribute content anywhere. All from one single, user-friendly, interface. The way that MX1 360 helps customers is by bringing together the full range of media services in a single user interface to manage & deliver all linear & non-linear content for any broadcast, VOD or OTT platform. The solution combines robust on-site infrastructure and technical facilities with the most advanced cloud-based platform, providing the most effective way for clients to manage, enhance and deliver their content.

The solution is tailor-made to cater to all AFP’s specific needs. This solution has enabled AFP to create new monetization opportunities with the ability to provide more content and improved editorial information, while also opening up the opportunity to upsell its service. Additionally AFPTV Live allows AFP’s customers to select concurrent news content via IP delivery in an ever-changing news landscape.

“There’s no point having great content if we can’t deliver it to our clients efficiently and reliably every day,” says Phil Chetwynd, Global Editor-in-Chief of AFP. “We are now able to fulfil two major client needs: they have all the information they need about our live coverage in real time, and they can send the content to their newsrooms via IP delivery – enabled by this solution.”

Written on 08 Jul 2019