Ultra HD comes to life at IBC 2014

Ultra HD comes to life at IBC 2014

This year at IBC, visitors can experience the lifelike quality of Ultra HD in a set-up with state-of-the-art hardware applying the latest encoding and reception technology.

SES, SmarDTV and Samsung together is demonstrating the first end-to-end encrypted Ultra HD content – via an SES satellite to a Samsung Ultra HD TV by using a SmarDTV CI Plus CAM module.

The demonstration will mark a major milestone for the Ultra HD broadcast chain, as it is the first time that a full 3840x2160 pixel CAS protected Ultra HD signal in HEVC encoding standard at a frame rate of 50 fps and 10bit depth will be decrypted by a standard SmarDTV CI Plus Module and rendered on Samsung Ultra HD TV models. This opens the door for pay-TV service providers to directly access the new UHD TV Sets that are being rapidly adopted by consumers around the world.

The Ultra HD content will be broadcast live from an SES satellite at the orbital position of 19.2 degrees East using DVB UHD Phase 1 signaling specifications.

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