Satisfying insatiable demand through infinite choice

Satisfying insatiable demand through infinite choice

Satellite is a powerful medium to deliver content and connectivity throughout the home and on the move and plays an integral role in helping broadcasters and mobile operators reach multiple screens. In a spirit of composition and collaboration, meeting and satisfying the “insatiable” consumer demand can only be done efficiently by bringing together a wider range of industry interests.


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A new generation of delivery technologies is fast emerging, such as Next Generation Access (NGA) networks, optical fiber in broadband networks, new mobile communication standards and an enhancement of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standards, developments aiming at TV White Space (Vacant frequencies in the VHF and UHF bands available for unlicensed use where spectrum is not being used by licensed services.), WiFi, and fifth generation mobile networks. These new technologies are backed and complemented by new fiber networks and innovative assets in space: ultra-high throughput satellites (HTS), low- and medium-earth orbit, geostationary high bandwidth satellites and high altitude aircraft in the stratosphere providing unprecedented broadband coverage around the globe.

A hybrid ecosystem is clearly emerging as an ideal future network, and that it is possible, viable and capable of being created now.

Hybrid is

  • Enabling smarter networks by combining terrestrial and satellite strengths, delivering connectivity and content in the most cost and quality effective ways to the largest number of households and users
  • Satellite blends in terrestrial at any network node from central offices and Internet exchanges down to wireless stations, caches or to the home

It is the need of the hour to find competitive combinations of the ideal characteristics of different networks, and of the traits that can be brought into hybrid ecosystems that can compete with each other on the basis of their product and service mix. The intent of the 5G initiatives is precisely to transcend networks and delivery infrastructures to create a ubiquitous, flexible and future-proof digital space.

Understanding this technology supernova – getting the moving elements technically and commercially right – will be critical for the economic and social viability of communications media over the next decades. With its unsurpassed universal capacities and its unmatched economies in one-to-many traffic, satellite is an ideal infrastructure to complement other networks and play a central role in building an optimal, smart and future-proof next-generation network.

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