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Pay-TV in Asia is set for massive growth, led by emerging economies such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines. In the Asia-Pacific region, pay-TV is projected to reach 101 million homes by 2023.

Furthermore, consumer preferences in the region are evolving past linear TV. In Asia-Pacific, over-the-top (OTT) investment is spurring the fastest subscriber growth rate worldwide in 2018, rising 35.2% to 331.5 million1. Pay-TV operators are responding by offering their own OTT services to compete with mainstream OTT operators.

With mobile device usage on the rise in the region, content providers are looking for solutions to stream video content to multiple devices. While video accounted for 55% of total mobile data traffic in 2015, this number is expected to rise to 75% in 20202.

Reaching audiences in Asia-Pacific, wherever they are

As the leader in direct-to-home (DTH) and high definition (HD) innovation, we have the satellite capabilities and media solutions to keep your business at the forefront of new video landscape.

With six satellites covering Asia-Pacific, we help pay-TV operators broadcast more than 970 TV channels across the region. Our two prime video neighbourhoods at 95°E and 108.2°E* are home to seven leading DTH platforms, which enjoy the most efficient and highest possible audience penetration. Our regional presence continues to expand with the launch of our largest high throughput satellite (HTS), SES-12. Located at 95°E, the satellite brings significant expansion capacity to help you keep pace with growing consumer demands for higher-quality content.

Now, you can deliver more high-quality content to even more consumers across Asia-Pacific.



SES’s fleet of satellites enables our customers to deliver high-quality video to consumers in every part of Asia-Pacific – delivering more channel choices and on-demand video to 37 million TV homes in the region, and more across the globe.

Our solutions include VoD Everywhere and Network Offloading, which utilise satellite technology to reach wider audiences and deliver video content in high resolutions – even without broadband connectivity.

Discover how SES is delivering unparalleled video experiences to consumers today and stay updated with us to receive the latest product and service information, newsletters, and business event invitations.

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