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Consumer video viewing habits have changed. More and more people – even in previously hard-to-reach remote areas – want to watch high-quality video as and when they want, across multiple devices.

This video consumption behaviour is becoming more prevalent around the world, posing a challenge to pay-TV, internet service providers (ISPs), cable and mobile network operators as they look for new ways to differentiate their services from over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand (VoD) providers, while keeping pace with these evolving trends.

With SES’s innovative end-to-end video solutions, pay-TV, ISPs, cable and mobile network operators can provide differentiated video experiences to existing consumers and reach underserved markets.

Being a pioneer in direct-to-home (DTH) and high-definition (HD) innovation, we offer satellite capabilities and media solutions to keep your business at the forefront of the new video landscape. Our sophisticated satellite infrastructure, tailored end-to-end video solutions and media platform services can enable you to grow your business by helping you serve your market demand with high-quality video content.

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This eBook looks at the current landscape of video delivery around Asia-Pacific and how you can achieve market-leading growth by delivering a differentiated video experience.


This eBook offers insights on how you can surmount terrestrial connectivity challenges to deliver a differentiated video experience to underserved regions with SES’s end-to-end video solutions.


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Video Consumption Trends


Video consumption in Asia-Pacific is soaring. By 2021, the video market could be worth up to $13 billion. The video preferences of audiences are also changing, with on-demand video, time-shifted programming and catch-up TV rapidly growing in popularity. Learn how SES’s tailored end-to-end video solutions can help you grow your business by delivering a differentiated video experience in addition to existing linear content – providing viewers with more desired content options.



Consumers expect easy access to on-demand video content – regardless whether they’re inside or outside the range of terrestrial broadband connections. VoD Everywhere offers pay-TV operators the ability to reach remote regions, providing audiences with the next level VoD-like content experience, catch-up TV, Live Event Broadcasting and multiscreen experience.

Offers an end-to-end video solution

Offers an end-to-end video solution

  • A tailored video solution catered to your business requirements and your consumers' demands.
  • Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS).
  • No latency, buffering or dropouts compared to OTT VoD offerings.
Enables ubiquitous video delivery

Enables ubiquitous video delivery

  • Provides efficient infrastructure for mass distribution through satellite.
  • Reaches remote areas at the lowest cost.
Program your service

Programs your service

  • VoD Everywhere delivers a VoD-like video experience for consumers to watch videos at a time of their own choosing.
  • Audiences can always find something to watch with content regularly refreshed on VoD Everywhere that supports a real VoD-like programming experience.


Network Offloading video distribution solution enables media businesses to deliver rich media content in a ubiquitous way to regional and local pay-TV, ISPs, cable and mobile network operators, by leveraging SES’s satellite network to “offload” video content for playout purposes. It facilitates the delivery of online linear and on-demand video content to underserved IP networks, while also relieving existing networks from the burden of additional video consumption by end viewers.

Overcome terrestrial network challenges

Overcomes terrestrial network challenges

  • Our satellites deliver guaranteed QoS and high-quality video experience.
  • Feeding remote regions with your VoD content across multiple devices through IP-based networks.
Access to new markets

Accesses to new markets

  • Network Offloading offers the flexibility to expand your service portfolio.
  • Creates a combination of a VoD content library and linear TV.
  • Offers catch-up, offline playback and a frequent refresh of content with reduced buffering.
Focus on your core business

Focuses on your core business

  • Further integrates our fully-managed video solution into SES’s end-to-end Online Video Platform (OVP).
  • Creates enriched multiscreen viewing experiences with ease.

Growing your business

Discover how SES can help you achieve
market-leading growth with a suite of innovative video solutions, which have already made us the partner of choice for eight leading DTH providers in Asia.



Delivering a differentiated video experience

Delivering a differentiated video experience

SES’s tailored end-to-end video solutions enable pay-TV, ISPs, cable and mobile network operators to deliver a differentiated video experience with on-demand content delivery.

Future-proofing your infrastructure

Future-proofing your infrastructure

Leverage SES’s robust infrastructure and satellite network to alleviate heavy bandwidth pressures on your existing networks. Pay-TV, ISPs, cable and mobile network operators are able to meet surging video demand with a robust video experience that presents a truly differentiated video experience.  

Scaling new heights of innovation

Scaling new heights of innovation

SES empowers pay-TV, ISPs, cable and mobile network operators to go to market quicker with our scalable solutions.