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Creating Opportunities with Enterprise Connectivity in Asia-Pacific

Enterprises such as energy, mining, and agribusinesses located in remote locations require dependable and cost-effeective connectivity to access cloud services and digital technologies to improve efficiency, as well as boost revenue and profitability. Similarly, limited connectivity is depriving large swathes of rural populations in the region of the ICT services, which limits their opportunity to a better quality of life. 

These connectivity requirements represent a significant opportunity for telcos, mobile network operators, internet service providers, and others in the connectivity ecosystem keen to tap into new enterprise markets and empower citizens. Key to capitalising on this is the ability to offer carrier-grade connectivity quickly and cost-effectively, and in a manner that mitigates the complexity and risk associated with network expansion.

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Signature Enterprise enables you to meet demand from energy, mining and agricultural businesses as well as government institutions. Leveraging our deep expertise and proven success delivering managed network solutions, our managed “virtual network operator” (VNO) solution removes the complexity associated with network expansion:

  • Eliminate first-in capital costs
  • Take advantage of a feature-rich network management platform to provision, monitor, and troubleshoot services
  • Significantly mitigate the intricacies and costs associated with managing satellite network operations.

How can Signature Enterprise help:

Signature Enterprise allows you to focus on what you do best—executing on your core business of selling competitive services and providing superior customer service.

Our comprehensive suite of network and service management tools enable you to become a VNO. The solution also leverages a range of technologies that extend beyond satellite connectivity to help you:

  • Increase network reach
  • Improve network resiliency and intelligence
  • Enhance end-user quality of experience for essential cloud services and applications

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What you gain:

Turnkey Managed VNO Services

  • Simple service management
  • Lower cost of ownership

Versatile Service Packages

  • Aligned with your business
  • VNO pools
  • Pay as you grow packages
  • Consumption based packages
  • Remote terminal deferred payment

Value Added Applications

  • Network Extension with managed Wi-Fi as a Service
  • Cloud Direct Connect
  • SD-WAN based intelligence

Superior Coverage
Support citizen services and an unmatched variety of industry verticals, including energy, mining and agriculture.


Ascent Lifecycle
Services Ascent Lifecycle Services is a critical part of our Signature Enterprise Solution and it includes an extensive suite of network implementation, operations, and maintenance services, including project management, site survey, installation, and commissioning. These services are central to accelerating time to revenue, and de-risking network deployment.

Case study: COMNET

Learn how COMNET partners with SES to deliver an enhanced satellite-enabled connectivity solution to businesses, ushering in a new era of analytics, control, and automation to increase efficiency and productivity.


Delivering Infinite Possibilities

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