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Bridging the digital divide

Empowering people in Africa to make the most of every opportunity
Connecting the unconnected is vital to bridging the digital divide in Africa, and supporting the continent’s socio-economic growth. Technology is empowering people, businesses and communities to connect and collaborate in more ways than ever before. Consumers and enterprises now demand immediate access to data services – wherever they are, and whenever they need it. Satellite holds the key to realising the full potential of this increasingly data-centric world. With unparalleled reach and coverage, satellite-enabled technology provides the most efficient way to connect the unconnected, whether they are located in a remote village, a suburb, or a city.

Businesses across Africa and around the globe have harnessed the reach and reliability of our fleet of more than 70 satellites in the Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). We provide coverage over Africa via more than 10 GEO satellites and the entire O3b fleet of MEO satellites. With offices in Accra, Lagos and Addis Ababa, our local teams on the ground provide satellite communications solutions to internet service providers, mobile and fixed network operators, businesses and governments across the continent.

Customers leverage our space assets, ground infrastructure and managed services to:

  • Increase access to broadband internet and mobile telecommunications
  • Reduce infrastructure investment costs while increasing reach through satellite support of existing technologies
  • Support terrestrial capacity to deliver last-mile connectivity

We are committed to Africa, and our vision for the region is to help businesses and governments meet the growing demand for bigger and better connectivity so they can further develop their market and region.

With the knowledge and experience needed to grow satellite communication services in Africa, we provide unique connectivity solutions that support a wide range of applications, including cellular backhaul, smart mining, defense and security, e-banking, and e-learning.

Our solutions are ready for rapid deployment, providing services across an entire region, and complementing existing technologies to ensure last-mile connectivity.

You will benefit from:

  • Reliable, high-powered capacity to deliver connectivity services
  • Extensive coverage over key markets in Africa where broadband demand is growing
  • Ambitious fleet expansion programme, including HTS capacity and additions to our constellation of MEO satellites
  • Proven expertise in delivering services for Telcos, MNOs, enterprises, maritime and aeronautical applications and governments
  • Dedicated regional teams with a deep understanding of each market’s needs