Satellite technology is critical to the creation of new applications and e-inclusion activities. With the ability to beam reliable and flexible bandwidth anywhere on earth, satellites help progress initiatives across geographical barriers to far flung communities, bringing infrastructure to fragile economies and isolated communities, or aiding humanitarian efforts in disaster-hit areas.

The digitisation of businesses is fast becoming a necessity for surviving in competitive environments and satellites play a key role in providing the infrastructure needed to accomplish this. Each country has unique challenges and opportunities around the move towards digital.

The key to success in the digitalization process is cooperation between governments, regulators, society, and private and public sectors. Satellites offer solutions to many of these challenges.

We provide underserved populations with inclusive connectivity – from critical satellite capacity to the deployment of platforms and applications. Our capabilities allow us to improve ICT infrastructure on a country-wide scale.

Supporting the information, technology and communications sectors provides a major boost to economic growth, productivity and employment. The technology can also support other infrastructures providing for hybrid solutions.