Satellite technology plays a key role in the global communications infrastructure. Reinforcing this role and communicating its important widely is a core responsibility of both our management and our team. To do this, we participate in a range of activities, including spreading our message about the relevance of satellite, developing our corporate strategy, and innovating our technological approach.

The role and relevance of satellites in future and next-generation network architectures is a key theme in the stories we share, and an important ingredient for social engagement. We take every opportunity to share this message, reaching thousands of people in 2015.

In the second half of 2015, Luxembourg hosted the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. As part of this event, we developed an intense programme for nearly 800 visitors to our Betzdorf headquarters, including representatives from EU institutions, member states and diplomats. This provided a unique opportunity for our team to discuss with them the importance of satellite.  We further spread our message at PR roadshows across the globe, visiting Mexico, the Philippines, the UAE, Brazil, Cameroon, Nigeria, France, Germany, and the US. Our delegates attended conferences such as Euroconsult, ARTES, IBC, GSMA Mobile World Congress, Brussels Space Conference, Air Forum Paris, and Davos Global Agenda 2015, as well as hosting the SES Broadcast Forum and SES Industry Days. These initiatives have resulted in a global acknowledgement of satellite’s central role in digitisation, as well as growing visibility for narratives about satellite and space beyond the industry.

We take a thoughtful approach to how considering how our business interests can integrate with community needs. Our Elevate installer training programme is one such initiative, and has now trained more than 4,000 installers in 14 African nations.

Our accomplishments in innovation define our organisation as a thought leader, and innovation driver, a pioneer, and an investor. We support and develop products and programmes that showcase the unique strength of satellite to tackle institutional, infrastructure, and environmental challenges. Programmes like, SATMED, and our connected solar schools all demonstrate the crucial role that satellite plays to improve the lives of people around the world.