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With 30 years of experience providing high-quality video broadcasting capacity and broadcasting services, SES’s know-how and ability to innovate helps you grow new audiences and reach more markets. Our satellites carry over 7,400 TV channels including more than 2,400 HD channels, reaching more than one billion people worldwide through leading public and private broadcasters and content distributors around the world. Wherever your business growth lays our regional expertise and global reach will help you achieve your goals.

Note: Figures include all local HDTV channels broadcast and subscribers reached via Ciel-2's spot beams.




Delivering digital media content, from radio to Ultra HD, directly to consumer homes

Occasional use

Providing occasional use and full-time links wherever and whenever they are needed

MX1 - Video Services

Previously known as SES Platform Services and RR Media.
MX1 transforms your content into the ultimate viewer experience. We will deliver your linear and non-linear audiovisual content to the highest standard to wherever your viewers want it – on any device, in all formats and via all distribution channels. We are the World's Media Globalizer.

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