Ultra HD

Ultra HD (or ‘4K’, as it’s widely known) provides four times the resolution of today’s HD TV, providing more dramatic action for sporting events and a more compelling experience for premium movies and documentaries. Using the latest satellite solutions for Ultra HD (4K) creates exciting new opportunities for both broadcasters and industry partners.

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Ultra HD 4KTV with 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution

How Ultra HDTV will transform broadcasting

Satellite broadcasting is the ideal way to provide Ultra HD, as it delivers sufficient bandwidth to all the DTH, cable and IP TV homes it serves.

Our technology allows Ultra HD to be easily distributed to millions of homes over the coming decades in the same way it has driven HD to become the de facto standard in digital TV today. SES was at the heart of the development of HD in Europe and Ultra HD is the next opportunity to make a tremendous difference to the landscape of broadcasting.

With our experience and the trust of our partners, SES will further help develop the eco-system for Ultra HD to ultimately ensure TV viewers around the world can enjoy the best possible experience of Ultra HD via satellite. 

Ultra HD (4k) is now in the starting blocks, ready to roll out to consumers over the next few years. 

How can you get involved?

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