What is SAT>IP

SAT>IP is a new IP-based architecture for receiving and distributing satellite signals.

Benefits of SAT>IP Technology

SAT>IP allows satellite programs to be distributed, like traditional IPTV, over any IP network.

SAT>IP allows satellite programs to be received not just on IP capable Set-Top-Boxes but also on other modern IP capable devices: PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones….

A SAT>IP software application is all that is needed to receive high quality satellite programming.

Usage scenarios for SAT>IP

SAT>IP was designed with several usage scenarios in mind: from consumer in-home distribution to large professional distribution applications.

SAT>IP will allow all of todays satellite usage scenarios to be ported into the IP world as well as open up many new possibilities for advanced applications.

How does it work

SAT>IP specifies the communication protocol between SAT>IP servers which transform satellite signals to IP and SAT>IP clients which consume satellite content. By having a standardised communication protocol, industry can come up with various implementations for servers and clients.

sat-ip network diagram 

Who developed SAT>IP

The SAT>IP protocol was developed in a joint effort between the companies SES, BSkyB and Craftwork.


Where can I get more information about SAT>IP

For more information and for access to the SAT>IP specification, please contact us.