Mobility Solutions

Delivering reliable connectivity for mobility applications


SES’s global network provides the coverage you need to deliver voice and data via broadband that meet the unique challenges of the maritime and aeronautical industries.

Ensure always-on connectivity for your customers with SES’s global coverage, and help companies and govern­ments to maintain crew and passengers welfare, and enhance on-board surveillance and real-time reporting via secure data net­works, broadband internet and videoconferencing services.



Our global satellite fleet links merchant, cruise, and government vessels with voice, video, and data services such as real-time file monitoring and virtual private networks (VPN) connectivity.



In the air, manned and unmanned aircraft operators rely on our communication services for secure data collection and transmission. Broadband connectivity in the skies is the next frontier of communications.


 Tram and train

Satellite connectivity remains the most viable and cost effective solution across vsat remote territories. We’re enabling communications to manage rail networks and meeting the emergency needs of humanitarian organizations.

The advantages of working with SES:

  • Extensive coverage
  • Dedicated mobility beams
  • Teleport network and VNO platforms
  • Beams designed to meet customer needs
  • Reliable, secure connectivity
  • 24 / 7 technical support
  • Local support teams


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