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SES Application multi-touch Fleet map demo

Travel to space, view our satellites in orbit, compare coverage maps scanning the globe, and experience the thrill of 3D navigation - all with the SES Google Earth app. Discover interesting facts about our fleet of more than 50 satellites via an engaging 3D interface. Navigate 360° around the Earth, from satellite to satellite, to view key technical data and detailed coverage maps. You can also see which teleports operate which beams, and how they are interlinked via our Global Access Fibre Network. The app includes the following features:

  • SES satellite fleet placed around a 3D globe
  • Key technical data for each satellite
  • Coverage maps for all SES satellites for viewing and comparison
  • EIRP and dish size contours in graphical format
  • Demonstration showing how we cover your location
  • Information about our offices, teleports and fiber network


Sat>IP – HD+ Extra Screen

ExtraScreen extends the HD+ platform to multi-screen distribution.

It uses SAT>IP technology; which is used for the first time on an encrypted platform.

ExtraScreen will extend the reach of HD in Germany. Addressable market growns to over 3 million HD+ homes. End consumers are able to watch 21 encrypted HD and all FTA HD channels on their mobile devices, using SAT>IP. HD+ is SES’s German DTH HD platform that gives subscribers access to a large number of channels in HD quality.

SAT>IP brings satellite broadcast TV to a range of IP devices such as tablets, PCs and smartphones in homes and thus makes satellite TV more attractive. It also supports a cost-effective distribution of satellite TV in hotels via existing IP infrastructures.


VOD via satellite (animation)

The solution is a real video on demand experience over satellite. It provides a consistent, ubiquitous and guaranteed quality of service which can only be served via satellite. The videos offered can be accessed in real time by an unlimited number of viewers without incremental distribution cost. It is an end-to-end solution to offer a video on demand service and consists of three parts:

  • Headend – Content preparation for satellite distribution
  • Frontend – SW stack for set-top box integration to handle content and provide UI
  • Transponder capacity


Dish Design Competition

Future of domestic dish design - Because useful can be beautiful.

In 2016, SES organised a satellite dish design competition amongst leading design schools. The purpose of this competition was to focus industry attention on the visual appearance of domestic satellite dishes and how good industrial design can make satellite antennas stand out in various types of environments. The 18 entries received at the SES Industry Days 2016 showcased an astonishing mix of concepts and ideas, paving the way for more elegant antennas which combine technical function with beauty. Following feedback from industry partners and diligent review by a technical judging committee, 3 designs were down selected for the final round consisting of producing real mock-ups and having them presented at IBC from 9 to 13 of September. A winning ceremony to disclose the final ranking will be organized in presence of the 3 students during the press event organized by SES on September 8 evening.

The winning design "Dragon" was submitted by Shudong Deng. Second place went to Robert Edwin Rouse for his “Blossom” concept and the third place was won by Julian Goldman for his “Calla” design. As a next step, SES will work together with industry partners to produce fully functional prototypes based on the above designs.





MX1 Corporate Video

A video introducing MX1 as The Media Globalizer. MX1 is a complete end-to-end media experience provider, working with leading media businesses globally to transform content into the ultimate viewer experience.


MX1 360 Product Animation

A short video animation introducing MX1 360 – the innovative industry defining media service platform. MX1 360 enables leading media businesses to manage, deliver and monetize content from a single, hybrid, cloud-based and on-prem service platform.



Bobbles TV


End-to-end turnkey solution for broadcast and broadband

Bobbles TV is a pan-European TV Broadcast and VoD platform for expatriates in Europe, currently providing this services for Chinese and Indonesian expatriates; Korea and Vietnam will follow during in the coming months.

SES has implemented the complete end-to-end distribution of the service via DTH and OTT.

bobbles TV is an case of our end-to-end turnkey solution for broadband and broadcast.

It demonstrates how SES takes care of the content contribution, back-end services and distribution via satellite and Content Delivery Network.OTT reception is possible via iOS, Android and Webplayer. End consumers have choice to select DTH and/or OTT.

The OTT component is based on MX1’s online video platform product to enable reception on all common IP devices, in addition to TV screens.

This is an example how Media Solutions/MSC Video implements solutions for our customers using SES’s and MX1’s products and infrastructure. demo demo: on the screen the DTH live feed from satellite and on the iPads the online video platform/App of bobbles TV. Bobbles Tv is a customer of SES and is a pan-European TV broadcast and VoD platform for expatriates in Europe, currently providing this services for Chinese and Indonesian expatriates; Korea and Vietnam will follow during the next months. SES has so implemented the complete end-to-end distribution of the service via DTH and OTT.



Ultra HD


SES new HDR content + Samsung new HDR content

SES is working with major industry players to showcase excellent Ultra HD quality over satellite.

On transponder 35 @19.2° East we transmit a varied programme of attractive Ultra HD content that has been provided by various sources that will feature trailers from SES customers such as Viasat, NASA, Xtreme sports, Insights and Fashion 4K. In addition to the content provided by our customers, we have secured the rights to distribute the beautiful 23 minutes long after-movie of the TomorrowLand festival along with impressive shots from the 2015 KiteSurf World Champion, Christophe Tack. Finally, a new demo reel has been produced to portray the benefits of Ultra HD, illustrate the finer developments such as HDR and show to the industry what good Ultra HD look like in details. During IBC 2016 our main focus is on demonstrating the Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) technology developed by BBC and NHK as it is most quickly to implement in live UHD broadcasting workflows. We showcase UHD in HLG on transponder 35 @19.2° East in cooperation with Samsung during IFA and IBC. On SES' IBC stand this feed is shown on a 75" Samsung S-UHD flat screen. On transponder 49 @19.2° East we showcase also in HLG format already since May 2016 content from LG Electronics that has been encoded by BBC R&D. This content will be demonstrated on a 65" LGE OLED flat screen on SES' IBC stand.


Ultra HD Channel

Ultra HD will provide the next quantum leap forward in the ever-improving television viewing experience. SES will show a live end-to-end satellite delivery of Ultra HD television in our booth at IBC. This demonstration will use the HEVC encoding standard at a frame rate of 50 fps and 10bit depth.

Visitors can experience the lifelike quality of Ultra HD in a set-up with state-of-the-art hardware applying the latest encoding and reception technology. The Ultra HD signals on demonstration are transmitted via an SES satellite located at 19.2° E.



Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality via Satellite demo

While standard television shows a narrow, window like view on the world the SES demo of VR 360 provides a 360 degree, fully immersive experience. We will broadcast a 10k by 2K picture via satellite.The transmission can be seen on a 65'' Samsung screen. Visitors can select the part of the image that they would like to see through an app. Alternatively they can put on a Samsung Gear VR headset and look around in the panoramic view.