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Reliable connectivity for Telcos and Enterprises

Consider a remote community miles from anywhere. If anything goes wrong, suddenly your communication infrastructure becomes a matter of life or death, so keeping people safe means keeping them connected.

For Telcos and Mobile Operators, the challenge is to keep up with the soaring demand for better broadband from consumers today, as there are almost as many mobile devices as there are people in the world. This requires new thinking in rolling out hybrid networks, that are both scalable and future-proof.

Connectivity is also profitability. You can use it in banking to connect ATM's in remote locations. Without this you can literally loose money if currency exchange rates are not kept up-to-date.

We provide reliable and secure connectivity through our global fleet of over 50 satellites, together with a high-performance network of over 20 teleports, 6000 POPs and tier-1 IP backbone peering partners, so you can deliver the high quality broadband experience your customers expect.

Whatever your data needs today or in the future, we can work together to find new ways to make your business more efficient and safer.


The next generation data network for enterprises

Enterprise+ offers more flexibility and scalability, which leads to more possibilities. It combines the strengths of SES’s widebeam coverage, upcoming high-throughput satellites (HTS) and O3b’s very high throughput low-latency solution. This unique combination allows us to develop products and applications tailored to the different requirements of each enterprise segment, to provide you with more choice than any other operator can provide.

You will benefit from:

  • A one stop shop for tailored end-to-end solutions that meet your needs
  • A dedicated team with a focus on enhancing the customer experience through new technologies
  • C-, Ka- and Ku-band capacity where and when you need it
  • A reliable and secure network with 99.95% availability
  • Access to O3b’s very high-throughput (greater than 1Gbps) and low-latency connectivity
  • A range of global and regional products and applications that enable you to hit the ground running
  • High capacity data centre and fully managed services
  • 24/7 network operations centre to ensure high quality of service


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Enabling businesses and communities with fast, reliable, two-way connectivity
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Mobile backhaul

Providing affordable, reliable broadband backhaul links to core mobile networks
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Enabling high-bandwidth data to be delivered over great distances for enterprises and broadband service providers
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Occasional use

Delivering on-the-stop communications wherever and whenever they are needed, no matter how remote

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