Explore the potential of the African continent

Discovering a continent full of opportunity

In the past 15 years, Africa has experienced its fastest-ever period of growth, averaging 5.1% year-over-year for the last decade.

The World Bank estimates that, by 2030, the populations of Africa’s largest 18 cities will have a combined spending power of $1.3 trillion annually.

Aided by urbanisation, an expanding labour force with more than half of the continent’s 1.1 billion people currently under 25, and the rise of the middle-class consumer, the African market is primed for explosive growth.

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Africa’s population will top 2 billion by 2050

As more Africans move to cities, more of the population reaches higher levels of education, and more of the under-25 demographic come of age and enter the job market, Africa will have the largest labour force in the world.

Foreign investment has already grown in resource-based industries such as Oil and Gas, agriculture and mining.

Africa remains the world’s fastest growing mobile market, with an expected 346 million subscribers by 2017.

This places higher demands on mobility, causing telecommunications companies across the continent to seek out efficient, reliable and cost-effective ways to meet their customers’ increasing needs for data intensive activities such as web browsing, streaming video and live TV, as well as building secure, redundant networks to reach non-urban customers.

Africa will reach 70 million TV households by 2020

Satellite for communications and digital TV will only further develop opportunities in Africa, both for local companies and the international players that contribute to developing the continent.

Oil and gas employees can keep connected to headquarters and loved ones while working in remote territories, including off-shore deepwater platforms, on-shore sites and tankers.

Demand for premium video content and Pay-TV will increase as the continent reaches a Pay-TV penetration of 40% by 2020.

SES’ robust fleet of more than 55 satellites includes 10 that cover the African continent. Combined with our global network of teleports, we can connect you and deliver your content from anywhere to everywhere in Africa.

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*Source: © 2014 African Economic Outlook
*Source: © 2014 African Economic Outlook