Satellite Captures the Wave of Video Growth

Find out why hybrid networks are the new way to augment the video ecosystem for new and varied demands in broadcast.

Consumer demand for entertainment is increasingly linked to bigger and better connectivity. In a new white paper by SES, Satellite Captures the Wave of Video Growth, the landscape of today’s video ... Read more

SATMED Wins Changing Lives Award at VSAT Global event in London

Everyone knows how satellite enables multiple applications such as TV broadcasting, GPS, or even reading an email while crossing the ocean. What fewer people know is how satellite can change lives.

Last week, VSAT Stellar Awards announced SES Techcom Services as a winner in the “Changing Lives” category for its SATMED healthcare system. The awards, which were presented as part of the VSAT Glo... Read more

The broadcast evolution of the Olympics

View the enlarged version of the above infographic A week has passed since we witnessed the Rio Olympics’ opening ceremony and gone on to watch our favourite athletes’ compete on the fields – eith... Read more

SATMED transforming lives in the Philippines

By Glen Tindall, Vice President, Sales, Asia-Pacific at SES

Last week I had the pleasure to visit a hospital in a remote mountainous region in Mindanao, The Philippines. This hospital is operated by an inspiring and wonderful team from the German Doctors N... Read more

Viasat: Broadcasting the Olympics in all their Ultra HD glory to the Nordics

First Ultra HD channel in the Nordics to also be one of the world’s first in broadcasting 120 hours of the Games

Pay-TV operator Viasat doesn’t stop after achieving one milestone. Despite being the first to launch an Ultra HD (UHD) sports channel via satellite in the Nordics, the TV operator decided to outdo ... Read more

The electric thruster story

The use of electrically charged particles (electrically charged atoms or molecules and electrons) in rocketry is making an enormous difference to the costs of getting a satellite into orbit. The co... Read more

As the hype around UHD continues, HD enters its primetime in Asia

By Glen Tindall, Vice President, Sales, Asia-Pacific at SES

There has been much buzz around ultra high definition (UHD or 4K) television this year. In fact, 2016 has been deemed the “inflection point” for UHD, with the UHD channel count expected to grow e... Read more