The electric thruster story

The use of electrically charged particles (electrically charged atoms or molecules and electrons) in rocketry is making an enormous difference to the costs of getting a satellite into orbit. The co... Read more

As the hype around UHD continues, HD enters its primetime in Asia

By Glen Tindall, Vice President, Sales, Asia-Pacific at SES

There has been much buzz around ultra high definition (UHD or 4K) television this year. In fact, 2016 has been deemed the “inflection point” for UHD, with the UHD channel count expected to grow e... Read more

A satellite perspective on the launch of #NetflixEverywhere

By Deepak Mathur, Senior Vice President, Commercial Asia-Pacific and the Middle East at SES

Several months ago, Netflix announced that it would enter 130 new countries, offering its hugely popular video library to millions of new viewers across the globe. I would like to share some of t... Read more

Reimagining satellite antenna design

Eighteen creative ideas for satellite antennas, conceived by design students, were showcased at the SES Industry Days 2016

Last week, SES held its ninth Industry Days in Luxembourg, gathering industry stakeholders of the entire video ecosystem – broadcasters, TV manufacturers, decoder manufacturers, hardware manufactur... Read more

New Foundations - An Update

"Three tenets are at the heart of the SES way of thinking." Learn more from Karim Michel Sabbagh, President & CEO of SES

Over the past two weeks, a group of SES seniors had the opportunity to meet with investors in Paris, London, Montreal, Boston and New York. I was able to join part of this tour, and the experienc... Read more

How satellite helps power quality healthcare in Niger

At the end of April SES deployed SATMED, a satellite-based e-health platform, at the CURE Hospital for Children in Niger.

Thanks to the platform, CURE Niger will be able to establish communications with national and international doctors to receive medical counselling. Here Josh Korn, Executive Director at CURE Hôpit... Read more