New Foundations - An Update

"Three tenets are at the heart of the SES way of thinking." Learn more from Karim Michel Sabbagh, President & CEO of SES

Over the past two weeks, a group of SES seniors had the opportunity to meet with investors in Paris, London, Montreal, Boston and New York. I was able to join part of this tour, and the experienc... Read more

How satellite helps power quality healthcare in Niger

At the end of April SES deployed SATMED, a satellite-based e-health platform, at the CURE Hospital for Children in Niger.

Thanks to the platform, CURE Niger will be able to establish communications with national and international doctors to receive medical counselling. Here Josh Korn, Executive Director at CURE Hôpit... Read more

High Definition in Europe reaches new high

Earlier this month, France said goodbye to standard definition and fully embraced better picture quality as it became Europe’s first market to switch to all-HD. Is France setting the High Definition bar for the rest of Europe?

France switches to High Definition On the night of 4 April, all Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) channels in France went dark for a few hours. They were making the permanent switch to High Definition ... Read more

SPS / RR Media: deal explained

In February, SES announced that its SES Platform Services (SPS) division would be acquiring Tel Aviv-based RR Media for about $242m ($13.29 a share), and the agreement is expected to close during the next few months.

Inside Satellite TV talked to SPS CEO Wilfried Urner on his plans for the future of the unified business.  “The merger of SPS and RR Media is very exciting for us - not just for SPS but for the SE... Read more

ELEVATE programme: empowering local business, developing skills and ensuring superior broadcast quality

Last week, SES and StarTimes, the fastest-growing digital TV operator in Africa, conducted ELEVATE training programme in Nigeria to support StarTimes’ DTH growth in the country.

Born in 2012, ELEVATE is the SES Quality Assurance and Accreditation training programme for satellite dish installers across the African continent. It aims to create an engaged network to facilitat... Read more

Satellite e-health sails to patients on Hospital ships

SES and FRIENDSHIP inaugurate state-of-the-art maritime VSATs for the first time on hospital ships in Bangladesh.

Emirates Friendship Floating Hospital
On the rivers of Bangladesh local people make their homes on remote islands, called Chars, to farm fertile land that is created and then slowly eroded by the water currents. These communities are c... Read more

SES Plus – The Future of Satellite Service Offerings

In an exclusive Q&A, Nicole Robinson, head of the Government vertical for SES, provides insights into the game changing service combination of SES Plus.

Nicole Robinson is no stranger to the benefits of transforming satellite bandwidth into highly applicable services. Her background in serving the US Government is all about customising solutions to... Read more

Preparing SES-9 launch: from shipment to Cape Canaveral to final countdown

On Friday 4 March, SES-9 lifted off the launch pad at 6:35 pm East Coast Time on board SpaceX’s upgraded Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Here Matt Cooper, General Manager, New Procurement Programs at SES, shares with us a snapshot of the preparation work in advance of lift-off. Three months before the SES-9 launch SES-9 arrived ... Read more

Why satellite broadband will boost the mining industry

Last week, SES participated to Mining Indaba, the world’s largest mining conference. There we demonstrated the power of satellite connectivity for mining.

Mining represents Africa’s largest economic export. In 2011, the African continent contributed 6.5% of the world’s mineral exports. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) produced two-th... Read more