SES customers counting on SES-4 to reach new markets

SES-4 before it was being transported to Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in November

SES is on the verge of making history, as SES-4, the 50th spacecraft, is set to join our expanding global fleet.

“SES-4 will soon provide enhanced services to customers on four continents,” said our CTO Martin Halliwell, noting the satellite’s mission to offer expanded reach into the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The hybrid C- and Ku-band spacecraft is headed to one of the most coveted orbital slots in space for trans-Atlantic traffic. SES-4 will replace NSS-7 at 338° East.

“The 338°E orbital location is already a well established SES neighbourhood over Africa, and SES-4 will offer our customers significantly more capacity and growth opportunities across important emerging markets,” said Dolores Martos, our vice president of sales in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“A broad range of our North America-based customers – from broadcasting to oil and gas exploration – are counting on SES-4 to help them expand their businesses into new regions of the world,” added Steve Bunke, our vice president of North America sales.

Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) will rely on SES-4 to deliver breaking news from North America via CNN Newsource to European affiliates, as part of its global distribution plan. “Our long-term distribution partnership with SES is an important component of our global content delivery strategy,” said John Ball, vice president of international distribution technology for TBS.

Microspace, a leader in the delivery of digital content, will utilise SES-4 to enable major North American-based retailers to extend their promotional campaigns globally. Once operational SES-4 will distribute one major brand’s in-store digital signage to flat screen TVs positioned throughout its outlets and shopping centers across Europe. “SES is a trusted partner and SES-4 will serve as our long-term distribution platform through the life of the cutting-edge spacecraft,” noted Greg Hurt, vice president of sales and marketing for Microspace. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based company uses significant transponder capacity on three SES satellites to enable much of its growing content delivery network, which currently has over 250,000 remote links worldwide.

Our fleet has been growing at a record pace, with thirteen advanced satellites headed for space over a two-and-a-half-year span that began this past summer. Seven more satellites are set to follow SES-4 into orbit, as part of the lofty launch initiative aimed at meeting the increasing demand for content and connectivity around the world.

“Our most important accomplishment this year, and our single most important objective every year, is our customers’ global success,” said Bunke. “Our investment strategy is all about putting capacity where it can enable growth, through the services and solutions that drive connectivity, subscribers and long-term business.”

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