SES meets needs of oil and gas industry

Our senior sales director of North America, John Matlaga

Whether requirements call for delivering phone service, high-speed broadband or video conferencing to drilling rigs in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Ocean or the Alaskan tundra, we enable customers with the communication tools they need to connect.

With a global fleet of 49 satellites, we are in the midst of lighting up the launch pad at a record pace and aim to launch another eight satellites by 2014. The unprecedented launch strategy is aimed at putting capacity over emerging markets, including regions rich in offshore oil and gas.

“SES is making big investments in capacity that our customers need to grow business opportunities around the world,” said John Matlaga, our senior sales director of North America , noting the SES-4 satellite set to launch in Q4 2011 will enable offshore communications across the Americas.

Matlaga, along with our sales and technical teams, were at the Offshore Communications Conference in Houston, Texas discussing the latest challenges faced by our customers in the oil and gas industry and the need for satellite-delivered solutions.

“Satellite-delivered connectivity has become a real differentiator in remote exploration and drilling sites, a must-have morale booster capable of attracting and retaining top talent in a highly competitive field,” explained Matlaga, also a member of the Offshore Communications 2011 Advisory Board.

“Our satellites provide the reliable coverage to deliver the communications tools needed to enable business success and personal contact with friends and family on isolated oil rigs,” added Matlaga, also a member of the Offshore Communications 2011 Advisory Board.

“For the past 20 years, oil and gas industry leaders have long considered us to be a trusted partner, because we listen and tailor our satellite fleet coverage to meet the demands of our customers everywhere,” said Matlaga.