SES highlights initiative in Russia and the CIS

Our senior regional director of Europe, Russia and the CIS, Ludmila Naumova

In a recent interview with Russia’s ComNews, our senior regional director of Europe, Russia and the CIS, Ludmila Naumova updated the regional audience on a broad range of our initiatives. The SES global consolidation and the company’s record satellite launch effort garnered the most ink and interest from ComNews editor-in-chief Leonid Konik.

“SES is in the midst of launching a dozen satellites in a two-and-a-half year span,” Naumova told the publication. “We’re replacing capacity and adding a significant amount of new capacity around the world, especially over emerging markets to meet escalating demand for content and connectivity,” she said.

Naumova noted that we are now one global operator with a growing global fleet, which currently numbers 49 geostationary satellites. “As part of our fleet development strategy, SES is launching incremental capacity over Russia and the CIS, which is home to very important markets for SES,” said Naumova.

We provide extensive coverage over Russia and the CIS on a number of C-band and Ku-band satellites in key orbital locations between 22° West and 183° East, and more capacity is on its way. A new spacecraft is slated to move into the 31.5° East slot, along with plans to boost bandwidth in other key orbital slots.

We also have a dedicated business development team serving the region. “The global consolidation of all SES divisions around the world has simplified and streamlined communications and key processes with our customers throughout Russia and CIS,” Naumova noted. “SES is well positioned to address the needs of the region more efficiently.”

Naumova also touched on upcoming launch efforts with launch innovator Space-X and applauded Proton’s development into “one of the major commercial satellite launch systems”.

Editor-in-chief Konik also discussed our strategic investment in O3b Networks and its Medium Earth Orbit constellation set to launch in early 2013.

“O3b will deliver affordable broadband services into emerging and underserved markets around the world,” said Naumova. “Southern regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS will be well within the coverage area of O3b.”

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