QuetzSat-1 arrives at the launch pad

The Proton M launch vehicle carrying QuetzSat-1 has arrived safely at the launch pad in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, in preparation for its launch on Friday 30 September 0:32 local time.

With batteries fully charged on 26 September, and a launch day rehearsal completed on 27 September, QuetzSat-1 is ready to take off on Friday. Watch the live broadcast that will begin approximately 20 minutes before liftoff.

Things to know about QuetzSat-1:

Orbital location: 77°W Coverage: Mexico, North America and Central America
Transponders: 32 Ku-band transponders
Separated spacecraft mass: 5,514kg
Launch Vehicle: Proton M/Breeze M705,000kg (1,554,000lbs), including payload 58.2m (191ft)

The rocket takes the train ride to the launch pad on Monday, 26 September at 06:30am local time.

The integrated launch vehicle arrives at the pad some three hours later.

The rocket is being verticalised.

The launch team celebrates the verticalisation of the rocket and gears up for the launch on Friday 30 September.