Counting down to the ASTRA 1N launch

The countdown has begun: the ASTRA 1N satellite will be launched from Kourou early July 2011.

During the coming weeks, this blog will be your source for all information concerning the satellite and upcoming launch. Expect exclusive content including pictures, videos, remarkable facts and interviews with various ASTRA colleagues.

Astra 1N in the antenna test room

About the ASTRA 1N satellite:

ASTRA 1N will deliver direct-to-home (DTH) services, particularly digital and high definition television to serve mainly the German, French and Spanish markets. The satellite was designed and manufactured by Astrium in Toulouse, France. In preparation for its launch by an Ariane 5 vehicle, it was transported to Kourou, French Guiana mid May.

Coming soon:

Pictures of the arrival of the satellite in Kourou.