Expanding across Latin America

Media & Broadcast


TIBA in Argentina delivers premium, brand name programming to more than 4000 cable TV headends and various DTH networks across Latin America.

Cover the rising demand across the whole Latin American market.

TIBA serves more than 40 million subscribers.

The full-service communications provider extended its agreement with SES to use five transponders to cover Latin America. This will provide extra flexible capacity for the next 20 years. Launched in 2013, the new SES-6 satellite will provide additional capacity across Latin America, as well as adding high power Ku-band beams over the region. TIBA originates feeds to all of Latin America, with highly reliable services from its main teleport. Its operations are fully redundant and tapeless, providing a high level of efficiency and availability.

"Our long-term agreement for significant SES capacity solidifies our ability to continuously deliver on the escalating consumer demand for new channels and HD content throughout Latin America," said Norberto Alvarez Vitale, Chief Executive Officer of TIBA. "Our relationship with SES provides the stability, flexibility and reliability TIBA must have to ensure we meet the distribution needs of worldwide tier one broadcasters in cable television markets across the region."