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Connecting 3.7 billion mobile users to the Internet

Smartphones have become central to modern and everyday life. They keep us connected to information, entertainment and our social networks. Yet delivering all of the content consumers demand on the go can pose challenges for network operators, particularly for applications like video, which requires high bandwidth and low latency.

Whether you’re bridging the distance between different areas of coverage, upgrading to 4G or extending your network to areas unreachable by terrestrial infrastructure, SES satellites provide the freedom to design a network for your needs with the ability to locate your Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) and Base Station Controller/Transceiver (BSC/BST) anywhere within a wide footprint area. Extend your coverage quickly, easily and affordably with SES, without the need to worry about distances, geographic barriers or existing terrestrial infrastructure.

You will benefit from:

  • The ability to scale up as your business grows, expanding your reach quickly and cost effectively
  • Redundancy and backup in the event of terrestrial network failure
  • Coverage in areas unreachable by terrestrial connections
  • Hassle-free implementation with our local network of integrators and 30 years of technical expertise

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