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Providing congestion-free backbone connectivity

Within today’s global business environment, there is a constant need to connect teams from different locations back to headquarters – often from remote areas where terrestrial networks simply don’t exist. Trunking provides backbone connectivity to enterprises and broadband service providers, enabling high-throughput to be delivered over great distances.

Whether you’re keeping oil rig crews connected to the head office, providing vital communication links to a fleet of commercial ships, or providing broadband services to consumers and businesses, SES satellites offer voice and data trunking services independent of existing terrestrial routes.

We combine extensive satellite coverage, a global network of teleports, and 30 years of engineering expertise to provide reliable voice and high-speed data transmission services. Our custom-built management tools ensure reliable and flexible service that adapts to IP trunking infrastructure as it evolves.

You will benefit from:

  • Congestion-free access to the global internet or your secure enterprise network
  • Affordable TDM broadband and VoIP services
  • Access to a comprehensive global network of teleports
  • Seamless integration with existing fibre networks
  • Engineering support and efficient data services management

Connect your remote locations to headquarters with scalable and cost-effective trunking services from SES.

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