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Internet access, the new necessity

For many, there’s a constant need to search for something, check email, consume content or connect with social networks. Yet some businesses, homes, and locations are simply not accessible via terrestrial networks. How do we provide high-speed internet services to these people and businesses, so that they can have access to the same information as the rest of us? This is where SES can help, with our fleet of more than 50 geostationary satellites that cover 99% of the globe.

Together, we enable businesses and entire communities with fast, reliable, two-way connectivity via satellite. These solutions use satellite capacity to deliver data platforms that can grow with demand, and provide the coverage you need cost effectively.


Next Generation Data Network

With an ever increasing dynamic and highly interconnected marketplace, user demands continue to grow rapidly. That’s why at SES we are preparing a new satellite data network, called SES Plus. Through a combination of new High-Throughput Satellites and our investment in O3b, a mid-orbit satellite operator, we will offer more flexiblity, more scalability, leading to more possibilities. This allows us to stay ahead of our customers demand for better high-speed data experiences, at a lower cost per bit. 

You will benefit from:
• High-speed throughput (up to 1Gbps)
• A future proof platform
• Guaranteed data rates and quality of service
• Improved application performance
• Plug and play standardised equipment
• Extended broadband reach in Africa
• Attractive business models

You can already take advantages of these benefits today in some of our key markets in Africa, through Enterprise+ Broadband.

Let’s talk about it at #ConnectivityPlus or contact us today for more info.



For reliable connections across multiple sites worldwide, our Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) networks provide cost-effective one or two way satellite broadband links over a wide geographical area. These can be stand-alone or act as back-up for terrestrial networks.

We enable you to deliver services such as point-of-sale transactions, control and monitor facilities, distance-learning, telemedicine and a number of other e-applications.

Using commercially available equipment and both Ku-band and C-band capacity on our global fleet of satellites, we tailor the network to your needs through a variety of link architectures, including point-to-point links to fixed or portable stations as well as point-to-multipoint star or mesh configurations with multicast capability.

You will benefit from:

  • Cost-effective worldwide digital satellite coverage
  • Infrastructure interconnectivity and bandwidth sharing
  • Guaranteed data rates and quality of service
  • Extended broadband
  • Attractive business models



Throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we help you provide fast, reliable two way satellite broadband services to homes and offices that may not have access to high-speed services.

This low cost solution includes triple-play capability, with high levels of built-in security and supports VoIP, video on-demand and other digital TV capabilities. It installs with do-it-yourself tools to reduce or eliminate infrastructure investment and cost of ownership.

Our different business models - including flat-rate and ‘pay as you grow’ broadband internet subscriptions – allow you to reach the broadest range of users across a wide geographical area.

You will benefit from:

  • A low-cost, two way satellite broadband solution
  • Easy-to-install and low-cost subscriber equipment
  • Flexible business models
  • Being able to deploy large networks
  • No infrastructure investment required
  • New limited and unlimited volume packages with increased speeds to address high bandwidth needs
  • Fair use policies that optimise bandwidth to improve the internet experience
  • A range of antenna sizes from 75-120cm
  • Higher RTN speeds to address the needs of business customers


AstraConnect for Communities

Designed to bring internet connectivity to an entire community via a single satellite antenna, AstraConnect for Communities blends satellite technology with existing ground networks or Wi-Fi. This provides immediate broadband connections to villages and communities in rural and un-served regions, as well as housing complexes or entire districts that lack internet connectivity.

You will benefit from:

  • Low investment costs with a single antenna installation
  • Low-cost service packages
  • Quick installation and activation with no need for multiple satellite dishes
  • Investment for access points which can be subsidised with public funds
  • Secure encrypted traffic via cable TV head-ends and in multi-dwelling complexes

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