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In June 2007, CanalSat launched TNTSat, a digital satellite bouquet available all over France, and designed to meet the challenge of the digital switchover. TNTSat carries 23 channels of the national digital terrestrial TV (DTT) offering, yet it delivers them via SES satellites to areas where digital terrestrial coverage is poor or non-existent.

Approximately 5% of the French population cannot receive DTT, which would leave them without any TV service after the digital switchover. TNTSat carries 23 channels of free TV channel line-up and channel numbering system, but the channels are encrypted since the satellite footprint extends beyond the French territory.

The TNTSat bouquet was specifically designed to target the 1.5 million French homes that cannot receive DTT.

Our team in France created a full marketing campaign for TNTSat that crossed the country, region by region, informing potential customers about which channels were on offer, and how to buy the receiver/decoder and dish to ensure they continue receiving free TV. Seven years after the launch, sales had passed the 3.5 million unit mark, and they continue to grow today.

The migration to digital and the success of TNTSat show that millions of people in France see satellite as a key method of receiving digital television.

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