SES ASTRA secures ARD transmission for German armed forces in Afghanistan

SES ASTRA on 21 December secured the transmission of ARD’s programme for Germany’s armed forces in Afghanistan. The TV transmission was ceased following ARD's decision to terminate a contract with Eutelsat back in June 2010. Following public critisims, the broadcaster on 21 December  decided to restore the transmission.

As part of an agreement now entered between ARD and SES ASTRA, SES provides capacity on SES WORLDSKIES' NSS-12 satellite and thus enables German soldiers to watch German television at Christmas. The colleagues within SES managed to set-up the transmission including the uplink to the new satellite within less than 24 hours. Congreatualtions and thank you to the sales and engineering teams that acted so quickly! NSS-12 is located at the 57 degrees East orbital position and provides an optimal coverage of Afghanistan.  SES ASTRA has been ARD’s preferred distribution partner for many years.

Wolfgang Elsäßer, Managing Director of ASTRA Deutschland, commented: „We are very pleased that we could offer such a quick and uncomplicated solution for the recovery of the TV-signal in Afghanistan on behalf of the German armed forces. Our worldwide fleet of 44 satellites provided us with the flexibility to react quickly to the situation. Since satellite continues to offer the largest reach, it remains the ideal infrastructure for the delivery and reception of high quality TV pictures around the world.

The agreement between ARD and SES ASTRA was reported in the German Tagesschau on 21 December. Click here, to watch the video.

The news was also reported in Bild, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Welt this morning. Click here, to read the press review.