Your fastest route to audience growth in Africa

The first of our seminars for IBC 2010 was a joint presentation - Your fastest route to audience growth in Africa - by Christoph Limmer, our senior director of marketing and market development for Africa, and Sylvie Macraigne, GlobeCast’s satellite product manger.

Christoph began by outlining the opportunities offered by this rapidly growing market: sub-Saharan African has roughly the same number of households as Europe but only 33% have a TV, and less than 10% have access to digital TV. These figures are expected to grow significantly in the coming years as satellite drives the digitization of the continent. He ended by highlighting the main benefits of digitization by ASTRA satellites.

GlobeCast has a long and impressive track record in Africa and Sylvie explained some of the advantages of working with this worldwide company including its presence all the way though the value chain from content to audience. She highlighted some of the benefits of ASTRA 4A, such as its successful community of over 90 channels, and demonstrated that ASTRA and GlobeCast had the expertise to optimize market growth in Africa.