Focus on the Italian market

Markus Fritz, Managing Director, ASTRA Italy
Markus Fritz primarily serves as ASTRA’s Vice President & General Manager, Marketing. He is currently handling a double role to ensure the successful development of ASTRA in Italy.

Q. What impact will 3B have on the Italian market?

Q. If Italy is a relatively undeveloped DTH territory for ASTRA, presumably multifeed reception will be a fairly important part of the 23.5°E consumer proposition?

Q. How quickly do you think you’ll be able to build your DTH audience in Italy?

Q. Do you think 3B will have a role in the digitization of Italy?

Q. Will 3B’s extended footprint be a selling point for Italian broadcasters?

Q. Will 3B help with the broadband market in Italy?

Q. Is ASTRA2Connect just a residential service in Italy?

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