Focus on the Benelux market

Bill Wijdeveld, Managing Director, ASTRA Benelux

Q. How difficult was it to establish the 23.5ºE orbital slot when you already had a significant DTH audience in the Benelux market for your 19.2ºE position?

Q. How important was technology to the process?

Q. How did you convince Benelux households to upgrade to multifeed reception?

Q. What are the consumer benefits of 23.5ºE?

Q. What role will 3B play in the success of 23.5°E?

Q. What will M7 Group use these new transponders for?

Q. How important is high-definition TV to the Benelux market?

Q. What sort of competition does satellite have in the Dutch market and how will 3B help?

Q. Do you expect any of your 19.2ºE customers to migrate to 23.5°E?

Q. What are the benefits to new customers to the Benelux market of broadcasting on 3B?

Q. Is Benelux an important market for ASTRA2Connect?


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