ASTRA 3B commercial benefits

Kay Connacher, VP & General Manager Media Sales, SES ASTRA.


Q. The 23.5°E orbital position is already one of the fastest growing direct-to-home (DTH) hotspots in Europe. What are your plans for ASTRA 3B?

Q. What will be the benefits for the many customers already using the 23.5°E orbital position?

Q. Does ASTRA 3B’s extended geographic coverage have any implications for dish sizes in the new territories?

Q. Will high-definition TV play an important role on 3B?

Q. How important is multifeed reception and the Duo LNB to the success of 23.5°E?

Q. Will you be carrying any data services on this satellite?


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5 things you need to know about 23.5°E:

  • carries 400+ TV and radio channels to almost 3 million homes in Europe
  • 19 HD channels already available, more on the way
  • more than 1 million pay TV subscribers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • the Duo LNB allows viewers to receive an additional 400 free channels from 19.2°E
  • ASTRA 3B will launch in March


Next time we will take you on a tour of central and eastern Europe, Italy and the Benelux.