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SES customers counting on SES-4 to reach new markets

SES-4 before it was being transported to Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in November
SES is on the verge of making history, as SES-4, the 50th spacecraft, is set to join our expanding global fleet. “SES-4 will soon provide enhanced services to customers on four continents,” said ou... Read more

Ten things you should know about SES-4

With SES-4 satellite arriving at Baikonur launch base on November 21, our launch team is getting ready for the big day!Get equally excited by reading 10 things you should know about our largest and... Read more

SES caters to government satcoms demands

CHIRP hosted payload before it was placed on SES-2
Superior satellite communications are essential for governments worldwide. Not only is reliable connectivity essential for supporting operations between the headquarters to the theatre of operation... Read more

SES-4 arrives at Baikonur!

On Nov 21, SES-4 arrives at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, where it will be readied for launch in late December. SES-4, which will be the 50th satellite in our global fleet is designed to expan... Read more

SES meets needs of oil and gas industry

Our senior sales director of North America, John Matlaga
Whether requirements call for delivering phone service, high-speed broadband or video conferencing to drilling rigs in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Ocean or the Alaskan tundra, we e... Read more

Broadcasting in Africa – an evolving landscape

Our regional senior director of market development & marketing of Africa, Christoph Limmer
The year of 2011 has seen many changes in the African broadcasting market. And more is expected to come before November 2015 – the continent’s deadline for digital migration. One such change that ... Read more

SES-4 to bring incremental capacity over Latin America

Our Sales Vice President of Latin America & Caribbean, Dolores Martos
SES’ upcoming satellite SES-4 will bring additional capacity over Latin America. The satellite, which has been scheduled for launch in December 2011, will be the company’s 50th satellite.   In an i... Read more

SES highlights initiative in Russia and the CIS

Our senior regional director of Europe, Russia and the CIS, Ludmila Naumova
In a recent interview with Russia’s ComNews, our senior regional director of Europe, Russia and the CIS, Ludmila Naumova updated the regional audience on a broad range of our initiatives. The SES g... Read more