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Financial events

Financial Calendar

2015 Full Year Results Announcement 26 February 2016
2016 Annual General Meeting 7 April 2016
2016 Q1 Trading Update 29 April 2016
2016 H1 Results Announcement 29 July 2016
2016 Q3 Trading Update 28 October 2016


ex-Dividend date 25 April 2016
Recording date 26 April 2016
Payment date 27 April 2016


Closed Periods 2016*

26 January 2016 (close of business) - 26 February 2016 (close of business)
29 March 2016 (close of business) - 29 April 2016 (close of business)
28 June 2016 (close of business) - 29 July 2016 (close of business)
27 September 2016 (close of business) - 28 October 2016 (close of business)


*SES respects “closed periods” around financial results announcements

During the closed periods, Board members and SES staff, including staff of affiliated companies, as well as the persons closely associated with them are not allowed to buy or sell any FDRs, or shares issued by SES, irrespective of whether they have inside information (i.e information which is not public but which if it became public was likely to have a significant impact on the price of SES shares) or not. They are not allowed to convert any stock options, or exercise any "STARs“ (Stock Appreciation Rights) during these periods either.