Middle East Connections

“The flexibility of our satellite fleet has enabled a quick migration from imported IP-based connectivity via Asia or Europe to the deployment of VSAT networks delivering a wealth of communications capabilities within the region,” explained Hussein Oteifa, Senior Regional Director in the Middle East for SES.

“As the demand has shifted, we’ve been able to reconfigure our spacecraft and unify our resources to meet the changing needs of our customers and the marketplace,” noted Oteifa. “Whether it’s extending the reach of fiber and mobile phone service into remote places or enabling the rapid establishment of reliable data networks virtually anywhere in the region, the Middle East is increasingly counting on SES.”

“SES WORLD SKIES and SES ASTRA have pooled their resources to serve the Middle East and Africa with advanced satellites and experienced people under the SES banner. Our One SES approach provides a single point of contact for our customers doing business across the region where both SES WORLD SKIES and SES ASTRA are enabling exciting applications." Deepak Mathur, Vice President of South Asia and Middle East Sales for SES

The Capacity to Connect

Huge demand for satellite bandwidth is on the horizon in the Middle East. Innovators in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, to name just a few, are utilizing SES capacity over GSM backhaul and VSAT networks to both augment and create growth opportunities.

The Expertise to Deliver

Capacity alone isn’t enough – not for a region tapping the full range and potential of satellite technologies and solutions. Service providers, operators and government agencies across the Middle East rely on SES and its broad offering of training and educational programs aimed at maximizing successful deployments and minimizing interference.

Poised for Regional Growth

SES has an aggressive satellite fleet investment strategy aimed at ensuring enough capacity to meet the burgeoning regional demand. SES WORLD SKIES’ NSS-6, NSS-7, NSS-10 and NSS-12 satellites, along with SES ASTRA’s ASTRA-3B spacecraft, currently serve the Middle East. Four additional satellites will be launched in the next two years to bolster the bandwidth necessary to enable the connectivity evolution in Africa, India and the Middle East. SES-4 and SES-5 are both scheduled to initiate service next year, while ASTRA 2F and ASTRA 2E are expected to launch in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

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